A free, simple to use CRM designed for the property industry.

A new and unique way to store, search and manage your contacts, properties and documents.

Our goal is to provide a simple and easy to use CRM aligned with the needs of property owners, managers and suppliers, without the complexity of Enterprise software.


Store information accessible to everyone you want to give access to.


Search people on demand by location, attributes and competencies.


Manage staff, contractors, contacts, clients and prospects, all in one place.


Log files, notes, appointments, transactions and information on your properties and people.

GDPR Ready

Use Property Deck and take the hard work out of GDPR compliance.

Share private links with contacts to access their own information and opt in or out of being contacted, which is logged and recorded for readily proving consent.


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PropertyDeck is FREE to use. Read our Blog post

  • FREE for unlimited use!
  • Manage all your contacts
  • Store and tag properties
  • Set reminders
  • 2GB storage included
  • In-App Addons & Purchases

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