The apps and new tech designed to engage tenants

Published on 7th February 2019 by Laura West

Forward thinking proptech firms have been working hard in order to engage tenants by using a new device: their smartphone. Property management businesses and property owners alike are now using occupant experience platforms in smartphone apps, which allow tenants to access building amenities, reserve spaces, track package deliveries and pay rent.

However, buildings can often struggle to encourage tenants to use or even download the app, despite the inclusion of many useful functions. To entice users and ensure they continue to use the app, experienced proptech firms with multi-family and commercial properties are partnering with security providers in order to offer residents and tenants the capability of using their smartphones to gain access to their amenities and buildings.

By transitioning to a mobile access system and away from keycards and metal keys, building owners will ensure that not only will their properties become smarter and safer, but they will also engage with tenants on a full range of resident services. Integrating access and security into proptech platforms will streamline tenant entry into certain spaces and help buildings engage with occupants across different channels.

Providers of security solutions are paving the way for these integrations. For example, in addition to having the capability to pay rent through these platforms, tenants could also make service requests or order taxis through an app. For building owners and letting agents, property management accounting software can prove extremely useful.

Occupants with these integrations will be able to now walk straight into their building, as installed sensors allow them to use the Bluetooth signal on their phone to open doors. With the added benefit of building access, it is expected that a wider range of residents and tenants will engage with these platforms and the additional services that their building offers.

For example, Kastle Systems, the security solutions firm, has launched a Software Development Kit (SDK) which allows the Kastle Access Control to be plugged directly into property management solutions, adding yet another benefit to the resident experience menu for residents. Kastle has also announced its first large scale partnership with experience and property management platform, Rise Buildings. This allows residents to use the Rise app alongside the service from Kastle, which is likely to attract a wider audience of residents and tenants.

The first partner in the Mobile SDK programme from Kastle, Rise Buildings hope to focus on their property experience platform and its advancement, while also leveraging the pioneering leadership from Kastle in access control monitoring and implementation. Due to this combination of two technologies on mobile devices, building owners will gain a better understanding of when and where occupants enter and leave the premises, as well as tracking which amenities in the building are being used, which will result in an improvement in the allocation of spaces and resources.

Mobile access systems can also alleviate the burden on the building’s staff, as there are no keycards to replace, track and issue, meaning property managers can ensure their staff focus on more valuable work.

The convenience of mobile phone access also directly benefits end users, who no longer have to carry a key. An entire suite of services could also be available at their fingertips by using an occupant experience platform.

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