Why hire a property manager?

Published on 7th March 2019 by Laura West

If managing your rental home is becoming a full-time chore, it may be time to search for a professional who can help.

Investing in rental property can be a rewarding means to generate income or fund retirement. However, it can also take excessive effort and time, whether you have holiday rentals or traditional rentals. You must make time to conduct property maintenance, inspect properties and be on call to solve issues and answer any questions your renters may have. Those inconvenient phone calls about malfunctioning boilers or clogged pipes can quickly become irritating. This is why a large number of landlords choose to hire a property manager.

Property managers can handle many of the difficult aspects of renting out homes. They will ensure that your property remains in compliance of the law and regulations, as keeping up-to-date with all the national and local rules for renting can be a difficult and complex task. However, a good property manager will ensure your compliance with all aspects of renting, from contracts, to inspections and tenant screening.

Hiring a property manager can create peace of mind for landlords, who will no longer need to keep up with these issues.

Another reason to hire a property manager is that they will represent you in a court case, if necessary. This is crucial if you find yourself unknowingly not compliant with regulation or if your tenant decides to sue you. Larger property management and holiday let management firms also have lawyers in their organisation to represent your interests in court. Smaller businesses will be able to talk you through the legal process.

A property manager will also maintain records for you, which can save you valuable space and time in the storage and organisation of receipts and contracts. By using a property manager’s services, you no longer need to be concerned with record keeping.

A property manager also offers the best expertise and knowledge of the rental market, especially the specific features of the property market in your local area. As property managers receive a percentage of the profits from your rental home, it is also in their best interest to ensure that your properties are rented by tenants for the best monthly rental price possible.

A manager will keep on top of all the market trends in order to ensure you always receive the best market rate for your rental properties. In addition to this, a property manager will try their hardest to ensure the property is always occupied, and will strive to find the very best tenants. A good incoming cash flow from reliable renters is beneficial for both your business and the property manager.

Efficient property managers also act in accordance with best practices for vetting and marketing to tenants, which ensures that you are renting to the best applicants.

Constant communication from tenants can become annoying, especially at inconvenient hours. However, when hiring a property manager, calls and communication will be handled by them, with all issues managed and solved simply.

In some packages, property managers will also conduct some minor maintenance, such as cleaning. Discounts can also be arranged on your behalf with preferred local providers, where property managers have arrangements with contractors for routine maintenance such as painting and cleaning gutters.

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