Getting the bigger #proptech picture

Published on 22nd August 2018 by Laura West

Proptech is changing the way that property is bought, sold and let. In many ways, it is simplifying these processes for investors, tenants and landlords by allowing them to conduct property searches and transactions online, saving both time and money. But it is difficult to know where to turn as far as proptech is concerned. Now, proptech specialists, James Dearsley and Eddie Holmes, have founded London-based Unissu, a one-stop shop for proptech information, data and research. Launched earlier this year, the marketplace opens up new opportunities for the 6,000 or so proptech businesses that it tracks. It also offers property investors and companies a single source for their research, procurement and investment opportunities.

The pair said that proptech is growing quickly around the world, but there has not been a single source to help people working within the property industry find out what is happening. They may not know what they need for their business or they may base their decisions aroundproptech companies they have found because they cannot see the bigger picture. Unissu will bring construction and property technology together on its platform.

Although proptech usually includes planning technology systems, it typically then goes directly to the buying, selling and property managing stages. It misses out the construction stage, so people do not get the full picture concerning what is already out there. This hampers their research, as they have to search elsewhere. Unissu is seen as a more efficient and less time-consuming way of researching investment options. It is a way of bringing many industries together, enabling investors, even those who are new to the proptech world, to understand what technologies are available that could help them. Proptech is creating a mind change within the real estate and property industry, to provide technology-driven innovation in the way buildings and cities can be designed.

Property search platforms have been growing at an incredibly fast rate. Now, it is routine for property investors and tenants to go online to search for properties. Many buyers love the ease of access and the fact that they can search for properties at any time and from anywhere. Today’s buyers want all the information in one place, with many wanting realistic images of properties and to be able to share those images easily. Buyers and tenants do not have the time to visit properties and are happy to look online. They can even refine their searches according to their individual needs, to find their ideal rental home.

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