How property management software can help landlords

Published on 1st May 2019 by Laura West

Good property managers will effectively balance the interests and needs of property owners and landlords, in addition to their tenants.

Managing property is a job which requires much attention to detail, and as a property manager, you will have to ensure that your tenants are taken care of adequately and are happy. This is in addition to also ensuring that the landlord and any stakeholder is also content and that their interests are catered for. It is a careful balancing act, and in order to manage various properties properly, any solution which can make processes run more smoothly is in the best interest of all parties.

This is where property management software in the UK can greatly help your business. Although no solution can fully automate property management processes, there are a number of property management software solutions which can make the operation easier and more straightforward.

In addition to this, remaining informed generally of the day to day running and tasks involved in managing rental property, both commercial and residential, will ensure you remain in good stead when managing your business.

Property management software helps to alleviate the ongoing problems and challenges that managers, tenants and landlords face when renting, while also saving hours of each individual’s time, as well as potentially hundreds of pounds in costs.

From the perspective of a portfolio landlord, software which manages the various crucial aspects of their properties and entire portfolio in one place has many advantages. Property management software can offer a great deal including onboarding tenants, sending contracts and cost reports.

Traditionally, an extremely tedious task for any managing agent or landlord, onboarding tenants and ensuring that service providers and new tenants are led through each process which they must complete can be a time-consuming chore. However, a software solution which is dedicated to onboarding can ensure that these processes are conducted more quickly and easily than by manual processing.

As all stakeholders and parties are connected through property management software, contracts can be easily sent between landlord, tenant and manager, thanks to property management software service providers.

With software solutions easily plugged into and connected to one another, all aspects and costs associated with property management can be effectively handled and tracked. This ensures that financial reports can be easily configured, and all parties can be efficiently informed in regards to revenue and costs, ensuring that the entire process remains clear and transparent.

As all parties are linked through the same platform, each individual will have any problem addressed quickly and efficiently. Service providers such as plumbers, electricians, engineers and builders are easily notified through the property management platform each time a tenant or landlord raises an issue which is relevant.

Previously, when technological advances have made waves in a specific industry, it is often only the larger players and corporations that benefit from these advances. This is particularly true in the earlier stages of technology innovation. However, property management software is completely inclusive, and all individuals, from landlords with one buy-to-let property to investor landlords with a large portfolio of commercial properties, is likely to benefit. The same is true for managers and tenants too.

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