How to engage with proptech

Published on 18th April 2019 by Laura West

Although it’s a simple prospect, engaging with property technology requires a proactive plan on the part of letting professionals. You cannot wait for proptech to come to you, professionals must reach out and engage.

There is a great deal of potential value in proptech, and although you will be faced by a vast range of different software solution options, you must not rely on others to choose what is valuable for your company. No one understands the needs of your business like you do.

Firstly, create a list of the innovations you wish to make in your business. What are the problems that you wish to solve, and could technology help you?

A good place to start is internal problem statements and use-cases, which can prove extremely helpful. Rather than being bombarded with salespeople from proptech firms, you have the opportunity to contact companies that would be useful to speak to.

The impact of technology on the property sector is no longer a future prospect – innovative solutions are already transforming the industry. This is why any property professional who fails to engage proactively with technology will risk being left behind, as other companies embrace change.

Part of the problem with lack of engagement could be the recent criticism that proptech companies have received, due to their poor articulation of their software’s value in the property sector and bad marketing. Instead, proptech requires an open mind, collaboration and enthusiastic engagement from all parties.

One approach could be for representatives of tech start-ups to work closely in collaboration with property professionals, with the aim of mutual benefits for both parties.

Being at the cusp of technology development, such as that in property management software, can be extremely advantageous for property sector businesses. Adopting existing technology can work well, but often software solutions are not quite right. Instead, it is vital to find a product which fits with your business. Advice can be provided on what fits your business, which creates a more harmonious approach to working.

Often, professionals who are striving for extreme innovation fail to persuade their shareholders and colleagues to be excited for the technological change. Failing to engage with the company internally means that you will never enjoy the complete backing of the business.

Another vital form of engagement is with clients. Clients are often not keen to be experimented on in regards to the property process, as they do not want to use imperfect tools or products. As the success of our clients is much more important than that of our own, it is crucial that businesses make clients feel comfortable and ensure that they trust the value of this innovation and the overall process.

In order to implement technology successfully, every key stakeholder should be prepared to join the process, and be fully committed. The end users and clients must also be made aware of the process and understand how their engagement is essential, and how this technology and innovation can play a crucial role in business transformation.

Patience with the technology you are implementing is essential, but it also important to bear in mind that solutions are changing so quickly. This means that businesses must find out how to remain as agile as possible when finding and implementing new technology.

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